Door-to-door transportation of passengers

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Are you tired of looking for reliable and comfortable transportation to your desired destination? We are here to make your trip easier! Our company offers a high-quality transportation service that allows clients to enjoy a carefree, safe and comfortable trip according to their wishes and requests. With our door-to-door transportation service, travelers will be transported directly from their home address or other specific location to their desired destination, everything fully tailored to their travel needs.

Main advantages of our transportation service:

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Individual or group transports

The door-to-door transportation service can be used by individual travelers or groups, depending on the client’s needs, which is practical and time-saving. Our mission is to provide not only transportation but also a memorable positive experience.

Flexible and practical

Passengers can choose the most convenient route according to their needs and preferences, and also choose the exact time of departure and arrival that suits them best. 

Maras transferi
maras transferi


Door-to-door transportation is faster and more efficient, it takes you directly to your destination. This is especially useful for travelers who have a tight schedule and need to be somewhere on time. 

Comfort and privacy

Our vehicles are equipped with spacious seats, air conditioning and large luggage space, all of which allows passengers a comfortable trip with a dose of privacy. We will make sure that everyone enjoys a pleasant trip. 

maras transferi
privatni prijevoz putnika

Safety first

In our company, safety or our passengers is the most important thing. Our drivers are carefully selected, licensed and reliable. They will make sure that our clients arrive to their destination safely and on time.


Small van transport

This kind of transportation is great for a smaller group of people because a van has larger seating capacity and luggage space. Also, it provides more space and comfort for  its travelers. 


Passenger transport to airports and seaports, railway and bus stations


Transportation to hotels, motels, apartments or other accommodation


Private transportation to tourist attractions


Business trips (conferences, meetings, seminars, fairs)


Driving to private addresses 


Transportation to cultural events


Transportation for private tours (local, national or international)


Transportation of guests for private events (weddings, birthdays, baptisms, etc.)


Transportation for concerts and sports events